Goodyear is a reputable American tire manufacturing company founded in 1898 who has been operating in Asia for decades. We were tasked to support a landmark program to review and replicate the best of Goodyear-branded retail across the Asia Pacific from the ground up, through a brand experience lens. 

We started by visiting over 10 independent tyre stores in Malaysia and Indonesia. Following them around while photo-journaling, we interviewed stakeholders along their service journeys to understand how we can help address their frustrations operationally and within their immediate environments. With sales habitually driven by price and personal recommendations, the messy retail environments did not represent the brand adequately nor did it gave customers reasons to engage further. Their service camaraderie and detailed care observed however became vital blocks to reshape the experience. We reworked modularity into the workflow. We created distinct retail and service zones, and made sure the brand could breathe comfortably. We consulted with Goodyear extensively to map what worked best. Sales improved 50% after the redesign, and this new experiential retail concept rolled out across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. 

Retail / Brand Innovation
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