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Creating an exquisite balance between brand expression and artistic form


Our client, Evian, had a natural story about pristine purity and saw an opportunity to deepen their story amongst existing and new customers through a partnership with international hotel brand – Pullman Hotels and Resorts. 

We were tasked to design a bespoke presentation kit for Evian-branded premium water, to be placed in every Pullman room, lounge, conference, and gym.

Drawing inspiration from the movement of water, fine tableware, exquisite room design, metaphorical forms, and working closely with Evian and Pullman, we observed an enduring lifestyle preferences by their customers in health and wellness. We then encapsulated the essence of this insight into a form design that exudes a singular distinctive expression of balance. 

The Evian brand story is about absolute purity from the French Alps. The simplicity of a curved acrylic dressing the Evian bottle in an exquisite, intriguing, yet delicate manner, turned out to be a perfect expression of the Evian brand in the Pullman setting. 

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