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A stamp collector's paradise


The Philatelic Store at the General Post Office is the first flagship store in Singapore to offer a comprehensive range of philatelic items such as local and foreign stamps, thematic MyStamps, souvenirs, gifts, and more. Visitors are able to view these items up close and purchase them on the spot for their own collection or use.

The client approached our team for advice on visual merchandising solutions, such as how best to display their items. Besides that, we also recognised that there was potential in giving the store its very own identity. The use of print communication such as a logo and graphic elements, as well as the formation of collateral template guidelines, helped to give the store its unique charm and character.

For us to determine how the items could be arranged to optimise retail exposure, we first had to understand the human traffic flow patterns and how customers were inclined to move within the store. The items planned for display had to be analysed, understood and categorised to help facilitate an easy-to-navigate store browsing experience. Elaborate rounds of space planning and prototyping was done, allowing us to get a first-hand visual and physical feel of the display space in its entirety.

Apart from working on the shop’s overall spatial design and product showcase, our team also sourced for suitable props, such as furnishings and plants, to spice up the window display area.

Many visitors, especially stamp collectors and hobbyists, were thrilled by the in-store experience. It was a place where they could not just browse or purchase items to add to their collections, but also to meet others who share the same fascinating interest of stamp collecting.

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