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Philips Lighting

Unboxing a brilliant idea


The folks at Philips Lighting’s Professional Lighting Division aimed to directly reach into the minds of key decision makers. What better way to do so than to send a message embedded within a tangible and functional gift? Instead of just relying on traditional marketing methods to encourage building owners and facility managers to consult them for professional energy-saving lighting solutions, the client approached us to develop a 3D direct mail item in the form of a table light.

Enclosed in a simple box, on which the text “OPEN FOR AN IDEA” was embossed in copper foil, the table lamp fit snugly inside waiting to surprise. The lack of further details was intended to pique the interest of unsuspecting recipients. When opened, the top flap featured a short message that expressed the campaign’s call to action.

For it to effectively appeal to its target audience, the product not only had to impress but also provide recipients with a clear yet subtle message. Hence, the custom-made table light sported a contemporary design and sleek finish, with a removable maze cube that fit perfectly within. The client’s true message was revealed upon removal of the maze cube, which symbolised how complicated problems can be effectively eliminated with the right lighting consultants.

Sometimes, unconventional marketing methods could yield impressive results, and thinking out of a box might truly be worthwhile!

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