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Philips Lighting

Guiding customers to their perfect lighting 


Buying a simple light bulb can be a mind-boggling experience for some, especially when you are unfamiliar with lighting specifications. Where does one even begin? Greeted by an overwhelming list of factors, such as bulb shape, voltage, base type and colour temperatures at the retail point, customers are easily confused and salespersons often get inundated by repeated queries.

Our challenge was to design and create a communication system for Philips Lighting to simplify the process, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Mapping the customers’ service journey, we empathised with their desire to find, in the shortest time possible, what they were looking for, while simultaneously taking in all the other value propositions that were on offer at the retail store. We found that what would transform their entire experience was essentially a system that can guide them in their selection and enable them to make comparisons.

To this end, we prototyped extensively with actual product dimensions testing with customers to arrive at a modular, self-explanatory system with the most ideal ergonomic form and greatest ease of use.

Following its roll-out, our client saw a 200% increase in sales. Heightened brand visibility and more importantly, conversion at this critical brand touch-point was also observed.

We believe in enduring relationships, and our partnership with Philips Lighting is testimony to this ethos. Beginning with tactical design projects in 2005, Pinch Design’s scope of work with Philips Lighting has expanded to cover large-scale trade shows, as well as strategic activation of the brand’s global campaigns across B2B and B2C segments.  

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