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Sumo Bowl

Introducing a refreshing and lively F&B concept to the millennials


In a fiercely competitive F&B space, how can we redesign Japanese social dining for the Gen Y? What do we preserve and what do we need to reinterpret uniquely?

These were the defining and contradictory questions we sought to answer when briefed by our client Sumo Bowl to bring a new Japanese F&B concept to life. 

We first reviewed trends, food presentations and service flows to explore initial opportunities and mapped this understanding to personas of our target customer group.  

We further dived into their Instagram feeds, listened in to why they chose a certain brand or dress. And these customers resoundingly told us they live it boldly; they seek connections, they share their food and are happy to share their lifestyles with others too. 

We started by creating the design language that resonates with the customer segment based on the data points captured. These comprise of the logo identity, illustration styling, typography, colour palette and environmental expression that permeate across all touch points to deliver a consistent and holistic dining experience.

We next mocked up the environment, iterated progressively to determine the best spatial arrangements, and carefully tested the dining presentation with the users directly. 


Building from the insights and co-creating closely with the stakeholders, we gave this new brand customised spaces and menus, lively Japanese styling, wrapped with an easy yet indomitable daring spirit to do more.  

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