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Crafting a winning embodiment of cultural and design insights


A time-honoured Chinese tradition, giving gold holds deep significance as it symbolises a gift of prosperity and well-being. For the launch of a commemorative limited edition set of Gold Bars celebrating the Peranakan culture, our client, Citigems, needed a well-designed packaging that was equally respectful and unique. 

We see gifting as a gesture of heartfelt love and care, and therefore the gift itself would embody a sentiment, an emotion, and many a times a story as well. We observed fine gifts and also dived into the embroidered details of the Peranakan culture.

Inspired by the richness and depth of the Peranakan story, we prototyped a variety of ways that would enable the visual expression to flow seamlessly from the elegant outer case to the exquisite inner trays, while ensuring that the novel, customised packaging still efficiently present the product configurations.

The project won us the prestigious Singapore Packaging Star Award, a national award by the Packaging Council of Singapore which honours companies with innovative and creative packaging designs. We also bagged two awards in the Consumer Packaging Category of the AsiaStar Award for Packaging Excellence organised by the Asian Packaging Federation.

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