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Fong Yit

Gifting a local delight


For more than 72 years, Fong Yit Kaya has become a household name that many Singaporeans have grown to love. Since its inception in 1945, the company has successfully produced premium kaya products that have tantalised the taste buds of generations.

The client came to us with the idea of redesigning the brand’s jar labels and accompanying gift box, to increase its visibility as a feasible gift item that appeals to tourists and locals alike.

To position the client’s product as the king of kaya, it was befitting to use a king’s crown, formed using the Chinese characters “Fong Yit” from the original logo, as the centre artwork. Flanked with colonial-style motifs, coupled with gold and glossy lamination, the overall design exuded a hint of local charm, history and grandeur.

The gift box was designed with a few features in mind: beauty, functionality, and its ability to effectively convey information. The inner display case sported a deep royal purple and allowed two jars to fit snugly side-by-side. The outer cover, in which the case could slide neatly into, was a pale shade of gold with a plastic viewing window on one side.

This project played a part in Fong Yit Kaya’s achievement of the Great Singapore Food Gifts Award. Conceived by the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association, this award recognises food manufacturers for their excellence in promoting the Singapore brand through their products and product packaging designs.

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