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Redesigning the tyre-cum-servicing store experience


Goodyear is a reputable American tire manufacturing company founded in 1898, which has been operating in Asia for many decades. We were tasked to support a landmark programme to review and replicate the best of Goodyear-branded retail across the Asia Pacific from the ground up, from a brand experience perspective.

We began by visiting over 10 independent tyre stores in Malaysia and Indonesia, observing their daily operations by photo-journaling. We also interviewed diverse stakeholders to better understand their service journeys, and gathered invaluable insights into their satisfactions and frustrations.

We observed that customers’ brand loyalty was not strong as sales were typically driven by price and referrals. Furthermore, the messy retail environment neither represent the brand adequately nor gave customers any reason to engage further. However, we consistently noted the service camaraderie among the workshop crew and the detailed care they displayed in the delivery of their service – these were identified as vital blocks to reshape the experience.

Working closely with the client, we reworked modularity into the operations workflow, creating distinct retail and service zones, and making sure that the new environment enabled the brand to breathe comfortably. The result was a 50% increase in sales after the redesign. Subsequently, Goodyear also rolled out this new experiential retail concept across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. 

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