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Philips Lighting

An interactive lighting journey 


When Philips Lighting first came to us with a concept of a “light lab”, it was clear that they did not want it to be just another lighting showroom. They wanted to develop a space where visitors, designers and architects could learn about their products in a realistic, experiential and authentic fashion.

Our team was given a list of Philip Lighting’s latest products and was tasked to design interactive and immersive zones where visitors could experience lighting fixtures in their intended application environments. With goals of triggering inspiration and creating engaging experiences, we got down to hunting for furniture and accessories that complemented the hue, warmth and design of each lighting fixture. With the right match, each zone sported a different character – from elegant to quirky; minimalistic to avant-garde. 

A special highlight of the Light Lab was the showcase of the Philips Hue wireless and smart lighting system. Easy-to-understand infographics were designed to engage with visitors and effectively communicate essential product knowledge. 

Drawing inspiration from some of the lighting products, custom-designed notebooks were made available for scribbling and note-taking. A pillar plastered with vibrant coloured magnets showcased the Philips Hue’s ability to bring the colour spectrum to life. With these simple yet meaningful gestures, visitors not only took home these souvenirs, but also brand awareness and a feel-good effect. 

Lighting has come a long way from just providing illumination. Today, lighting is used to define, design and delight. With the Philips Light Lab, we aimed to do just that.

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