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Amazon Web Services

Redesigning candidate experience
at Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides individuals, companies and government organisations with subscription-based cloud computing solutions. Often playing host to potential candidates, the branding team at AWS Singapore sought ways to improve the candidate experience in their office.

Hoping to inject the company’s "Builder" spirit, AWS engaged us for ideas on how to transform the interview zone into one that is casual, inspiring and uplifting for interviewers and candidates alike. Our clients wanted the space to be less corporate and be a conversation starter for everyone making use of that space, with quotes, posters, employee photos and more.

Diving deeper to find out how exactly we could create the ideal interview experience, we agreed that the design elements and colours should:
•    Reduce anxiety and stress in first-time candidates; and
•    Energise internal interviewers by providing an invigorating and refreshing space. 

We ensured that each design element had the end user in mind, creating an engaging and experiential journey for all who stepped through their doors. 

Celebrating collegiality

Using cork boards to form the word “BUILD”, Amazonians are able to use photographs to showcase their work culture and activities employees have been up to. The “U” is intentionally left blank to spark a sense of hope and belonging in potential candidates right from the get-go. An illustration, referred to as the Inspiration Wall, provides a visual overview on the company’s meaningful innovation. 

Confidence boosters

That final walk from the waiting area to interview rooms can be nerve-wracking. To allay interviewees’ anxiety, simple words of encouragement are featured prominently yet simply along the corridor. Good luck mints are also available before every room entrance for that final fresh boost.

Showcasing culture 

To communicate to candidates, Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles and company culture, playful graphics and a dynamic colour scheme was selected to fill a large wall space which was otherwise white originally. 

Treats for all 

With a full-length window, comfortable seating and a trolley of snacks and drinks, a decompression spot provides AWS employees and interviewees alike with a space to take a breather and relax. On a nearby wall, a simple yet powerful message echoes Amazon’s well-known philosophy, that despite the everyday innovation - “We are still at Day 1”. 

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