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Stamps: little messages in the corner


You might have heard of this age-old riddle that goes: “What travels around the world but stays in a corner?” You’re right – a stamp! For decades, we have relied on these little adhesives to facilitate the transport of letters and parcels across the globe. Each country has its own range of stamps, which often serves as tiny platforms to showcase achievements, culture, art and history, as well as political and economical progress.


Our team was commissioned by SingPost to design the Festivals 2016 and Baby Animals 2017 stamp series.

In the Festivals 2016 series, we sought to showcase four main significant festivals celebrated yearly in Singapore. The festivals, namely Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas, were each represented two stamp designs – each sporting an identifiable icon surrounded by intricately crafted patterns and motifs. The contemporary interpretation of the festivals helped to reflect their true vibrancy and rich ethnic heritage. The gold hot stamp accentuations on each stamp added visual and tactile interest to the collection, signifying our nation’s high regard for our melting pot of local cultures.

The Baby Animals 2017 series, on the other hand, was designed to portray positive social values that can be easily imparted to young children. Each stamp featured an illustration of baby animals exhibiting value life lessons, such as the art of friendliness and love; eco-consciousness and a heart for nature; sharing and inclusiveness; and kindness and graciousness. The colourful, easy-to-understand illustrations aimed to appeal to the young and help influence good characters for the years to come. 

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